• Passport  data  -  refers to accession ID and data recorded when the sample was originally collected (i.e. IRGC accession no., variety name, altitude, collecting location,, etc.).  These data were received from the seed donor together with the germplasm.

  • Morpho-agronomic data - refers to the morphological and agronomic descriptions of an accession (i.e. grain lt., grain width, panicle lt., days to maturity, etc.).  These data were observed and gathered at IRRI experimental fields by GRC scientists.

  • Evaluation data - these data are the results of screening the accessions for their resistance to different insect pests (i.e. stem borer, leafhopper, etc.) and diseases (i.e. bacterial blight, blast, etc.), and tolerance to abiotic stresses (drought, flood, etc.).  It also includes data on grain quality.  The screening was conducted by scientists in various departments at IRRI.